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Delivery, Reliability & Services

easySMSsewa is a unit of Dotcom Creations developing websites & softwares since 2012. easySMSsewa is an endeavour to provide web based one-way communication solutions enabling businesses and organizations to establish effective communication channels with their most prospective customers.

Our all services are fully packed with all the features which are best available in the industry; be it a delivery report, campaign analysis graphs, excel upload, scheduling, API and Unicode Support etc. We are unique as we allow integration in multiple modes such as desktop application, web applications and form outputs etc. Almost all mobiles registered in India are under our coverage, this allows to deliver to any mobile under any operator in the shortest route possible. Our all services are compliant with the most recent TRAI rules and regulations.

All our gateways run in Monster Series Servers which makes sure that the application is accessible at a faster speed.

Quality & Services Comes First

Committed to give you the best services and support after sale and pre-sale


Best Price Guarantee

Fair promise to give you the best pricing in the pre-vailing market


Timely Response

Quick resolution of your problems or issues raised just by a phone call or email


Best In Class User Interface

Easy to use and understand user inteface, comprhensive reports and informative dashboards.

Aishbagh, Lucknow


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